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Introducing Firefox Send

Send 2.5 GB files superfast with Firefox Send

Sending large files have always been a pain, even bigger when you are sending to the person, not around you. Then came dropbox but its more like shared space. The interface is bit complicated and time-consuming when all you need to do is send a file on the go.

Firefox has come up with an idea. The idea is instant access.
All you need to do is go to then select the file to upload. Now here is a twist in this you can also choose after how many downloads the link will expire, or you can choose from 5 minutes to 7 days validity of the link. You can also add a password for file security.






If you want to send files up to 1GB then you don’t need to register, just select the file and get the link and share the link to whom you want to send the file. However, if you’re going to send 2.5GB of files, then you will need to register which I don’t think is a pain.

This new service is also a workaround for sending bigger size files over the email, which takes up storage space and can jam the recipient’s inbox. Mozilla has also mentioned releasing an Android app in beta later this week.

Mozilla is best known for its Firefox browser. It is a nonprofit organization which focuses on privacy and security. Mozilla also started offering tracking protection in its browser after the wake of Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal. The extension was released within a day.

This is another excellent shot from Mozilla towards addressing larger file sharing problems and privacy while sharing files as well. We do hope to see more of the intelligent, time saving, privacy safeguarding products by Mozilla.

Over to You:

I hope you guys have already tried this service by now even before reading the whole article. It’s good, but also do share your experiences here. Let me know what your thoughts on this are. Do mention the pros and cons of the new product.

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